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Quality feed starts with the right ingredients for your needs. F.M. Brown's uses fresh ingredients to produce each batch of feed. By using a nutrient profile for each ingredient, we can formulate your feed for maximum production or efficiency at the lowest cost.


Our feeds can be manufactured as either a meal, a coarse-textured feed, a pellet, or a crumble, depending on your animal and facility needs. Your feed supplement can be designed to fit your farm-raised grains and forages so you buy only the ingredients and nutrition you need.  

With a 2 ton minimum order, feeds can be customized with any additives your herd or flock needs to improve health, production or efficiency. Minerals and vitamins can be added at the precise levels recommended for maximum utilization and cost-effectiveness. Custom feeds allow you to feed only the ingredients your animals need while utilizing on-farm forages and grains to optimize feeding programs. Custom formulation is available for dairy, beef, swine, poultry, turkey, game bird, equine and other feeds.

"At Brown’s Feeds we sell nutrition. What that means is that we are here to help the customer put the best balanced ration in front of whatever type of animal that they work with or rely on. By helping this way, we help to ensure that the customer’s bottom line is maximized, whether it be by extra milk in the tank or extra animals to sell. In addition, a nutritionally balanced diet helps keep the vet off the farm, further helping the customer’s bottom line. Our staff is constantly re-educating themselves in the newest info and technology to better serve our customers. That’s how we at Brown’s 'Sell Nutrition!'” ~Jake Westbrook, Area Director

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