Brown's Feeds provides a wide range of stock products and formulas available for calves, heifers, dry cows, and lactating cows to meet the needs of the livestock and the goals of the producer. In addition, custom ration formulation, including amino acid and metabolizable protein balancing are available.

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Here at Brown's, we believe in giving the future of your herd a strong foundation with high quality milk replacer and high performance starters that complement each other in a complete feeding program. Our milk replacer line up features three different products and gives you the flexibility to choose a conventional or accelerated program. Our milk replacers are low-ash, whey protein based, and formulated to meet the demanding growth requirements of calves.


Getting calves started on grain early is critical to ensure optimal rumen development. We offer four calf starters and three post-weaning feeds. All of our calf feeds are formulated to meet the nutrient requirements of your calves. Our coarse textured feeds are palatable and formulated for optimal starter intake. The high starch encourages rumen papillae development, allowing for enhanced nutrient absorption and calf growth.  



Providing balanced nutritional support to heifers is important to promote frame growth, reproductive readiness, and fetal development. Our heifer feeds can fit a number of feeding programs; complete feeds, protein supplements, or mineral supplement packages are available as meals, coarse-textured feeds, or pellets. A number of our products contain Bovatec® for improved feed efficiency and coccidiosis control.

Dry Cows

A well-managed dry period is key to preparing your cows to freshen smoothly and minimize transition cow stress. Our dry cow feeding programs help to ensure that a normal, well-grown calf is born. The goal of our dry cow programs is to have cows hold or slightly gain body weight during the dry period and calve in and clean completely. Dietary cation anion difference (DCAD) is a focus of our dry cow programs in addition to managing cows to minimize ketosis, displaced abomasums, and hypocalcemia. Cows that experience fewer transition cow disorders will be reach and hold peak milk production more quickly and be able to breed back in a timely manner. We want to help you achieve a dry cow program that promotes optimal dry cow health! Our selection includes four dry cow feeds that provide flexibility to meet the needs of your farm in addition to custom formulation if desired.


In addition, we offer Reashure®, the rumen protected B vitamin choline, to prevent ketosis and other metabolic diseases. Reashure® acts through the liver to help regulate fat metabolism and ease the transition of recently fresh cows.


Lactating Cows

We know you have goals for your herd and we'd like to help you get there. Brown's works many types of herds; pasture-based, tie-stall, free stall, and robotic herds with many different feeding strategies; component fed, total mixed ration (TMR), and partial TMR. We understand that your operation is unique and we think your feeding program should be too. We offer many stock products that can be adapted to match a variety of forages. We also offer free nutritional consulting and custom ration formulation. Custom ration formulation gives an extra range of flexibility for matching on-farm forages and modifying the dairy meal or pellet with the specific feed ingredients you feel are important. In addition, we also offer amino acid and metabolizable protein balanced rations. These rations focus on meeting the individual amino acid needs (lysine and methionine) of high performing cows to optimize milk production.