"I was incredibly impressed with the results of switching my mare to Brown's Ultra Horse 14% feed.  Soon after starting on it, I noticed her coat was shinier and she had more endurance during rides.  It didn't take long to see significant improvements in her muscle tone and topline as well.  Overall, her body condition has benefited greatly from Brown's feed.  And, it's picky-eater mare approved!"

-Casey Brewer



At Brown's, we understand horses and believe that your horse deserves excellence. Our feeds are formulated to be palatable, consistent and economical. We include optimal vitamin and mineral levels for breeding, showing and competition, working, growth, lactation, and gestation. We also offer a feed designed for senior horses. Our feeds are fortified to minimize health problems and supplemented with B Vitamins for an extra edge in showing, breeding, and competitive events. We mix our feeds to minimize dust and fines and use only high quality ingredients. We do not use animal products or animal by-products. We offer several stock formula feeds as well as custom formulation. Let us help you find a feed that meets the performance level of your horse!

Brown's Feeds, P.O. Box 67, 127 South Furnace Street, Birdsboro, PA 19508