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At Brown's, we understand horses and believe that your horse deserves nutritional excellence. Our feeds are formulated to be palatable, economical and have consistent quality. We include optimal vitamin and mineral levels for breeding, pregnancy, growth, showing and a competitive workload. We also offer a pelleted feed designed with senior horses in mind. Our feeds are fortified to minimize health problems and supplemented with B vitamins for an extra edge in showing, breeding, and competition. We mix our feeds to minimize dust and fines and use only high quality ingredients. We do not use animal products or animal by-products. We offer several stock formula feeds as well as custom formulation. Let us help you find a feed that meets the performance level of your horse!

Top Achiever

Top Horse

Brown's 12% Top Horse

Our most popular horse feed is a 12% protein, coarse-textured feed, formulated especially for pleasure horses, horses in training and draft horses.  In addition to a vitamin-fortified pellet, Top Horse contains steam rolled corn, oats and molasses.  This feed is available to be ordered in bulk lots, or in individual 50 pound bags. 

Ultra Horse

Brown's 14% Ultra Horse

Contains 14% protein, 6% fat pelleted feed with yeast culture and Biotin to aid in digestion and support hoof health.  The higher protein and fat in this feed make it ideal for horses with higher levels of exercise as well as maintaining  body condition on 'hard keepers'. This feed is available to be ordered in bulk lots, or in individual 50 pound bags.

Nu-Life Senior

Brown's Nu-Life Senior

This pelleted feed is high in fiber, enhanced with vitamins and minerals, and designed to be fed with little to no hay.  It is well suited for senior horses who are unable to consume long-stemmed hay due to poor teeth.  It can also be used as a forage extender when hay supplies are low. This feed is available to be ordered in bulk lots, or in individual 50 pound bags.


Brown's Nutri-Blend

This 34% protein pellet is designed to meet the amino acid needs of rapidly growing foals and lactating mares.  The pellets contain milk protein and B vitamins along with high levels of vitamins A & E.  Our Nurti-Blend feed also contains Biotin for improved hoof health, and four strains of direct-fed microbials to balance the gut microflora and promote healthy digestion.  This high protein pellet can also be used as a ration balancer for horses who are in average work and are "easy keepers". Recommended feeding rate for  a 1,000 pound horse is 1-1.5 pounds of Nurti-Blend per day, based on body condition of the animal. This feed is available in individual 50 pound bags. 


"I was incredibly impressed with the results of switching my mare to Brown's Ultra Horse 14% feed.  Soon after starting on it, I noticed her coat was shinier and she had more endurance during rides.  It didn't take long to see significant improvements in her muscle tone and topline as well.  Overall, her body condition has benefited greatly from Brown's feed.  And, it's picky-eater mare approved!"

-Casey Brewer

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