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Private Label Program

Here at Brown's we offer the opportunity to work together with our Private Label Program.  We have a great team here at Brown's that understands the importance of great customer service and quality feed.  We take care in manufacturing your feed as if it was our own.

Quality Ingredients

From locally grown grains to a variety of supplier verified additives, we carry a large variety of ingredients to create a quality end product.  If would like a full list of our ingredients contact us.

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Large Production Capacity

With the implementation of the Premier Tech fully automated bagging line and robotic palletizer in 2012 Brown’s is leading the way in feed manufacturing technology.  We have a very large production capacity, regularly exceeding the constant demands of our largest poultry, swine, dairy and equine accounts while also producing our superior Brown’s Feed line, feed for export and private label.  Our expert nutrition team, production staff and logistics teams ensures orders are filled accurately, of the highest quality and on-time.


High Quality Packaging

The packaging is as important as the feed it contains.  We have updated our equipment to efficiently process a wide variety of package types and sizes to accommodate your packaging needs.  Such as – poly, paper, lined, etc.  We also will package in your bag if needed

Custom Tag Labeling 

Put YOUR name on YOUR product.  You have the opportunity to pick tag color, add your logo to tag, insert manufacture date, etc.

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