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At Brown's we can formulate feeds to meet the nutritional needs of any poultry operation. From layers and broilers to turkeys and gamebirds we have a formula for your personal poultry needs.  Choose from one of our many stock products and formulas available or we can customize a formula for your operation. 












We offer a complete line of starters and growers for both broiler and layer chicks. Our stock Chick Charger Crumble is formulated with Amprol to protect chicks from coccidiosis.  Both our Pullet Grower and our Poultry Gro-Fin Pellets (bulk only) are fully fortified to keep up with the growth demands of your birds. Brown’s Egg Charger pellets or crumbles are perfect for backyard layers or a commercial operation.  It's a 16% complete feed fortified with extra calcium, magnesium, and vitamins for hard shelled eggs and well-conditioned hens.













Our complete line up of turkey feeds are formulated to provide the nutrition needed for fast growing, healthy hens and toms. Brown’s 26% turkey starter crumble with Avatec is a complete feed fortified with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to give turkey and partridge chicks a quick and healthy start to life.  Brown’s 21% Turkey Grower B Pellet is formulated with elevated levels of crucial vitamins as well as BMD to guard against bacterial enteritis that often attacks fast-growing turkey poults. 









Game Birds



Whether a small scale back yard flock or a large commercial operation, our game bird feeds are designed to meet the nutritional demands of ducks, geese, pheasants, quail, peacocks, and chukars. Our unique formulas help maintain good condition and ensure full feathering in fowl. We offer a 15% Flight Developer pellet, an 18% Game Bird Breeder pellet, as well as custom formulations. Contact an area director to see how our feeds can fit into your game bird operation. 









Our Duck Grower Pellet is an 18% protein, specifically formulated for the nutritional needs of ducks, geese, and other waterfowl.  As with all of our poultry feeds our Duck Grower Pellet is balanced using enzymes to improve digestion and therefore maximize feed efficiency.  Duck Grower pellets are designed to be fed from four weeks of age up to desired market weight. 

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