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At Brown's Feeds, we understand that every farm is a little bit different from the next one. That's why we have three standard beef feeds to choose from and also provide custom beef formulations when requested. We want you to feed a program that fits your needs and goals! Our Brown's Steer Grower Finisher meal is high in energy and low in fiber, promoting rapid growth of steers 400 lbs and heavier. It's designed to be fed at a varying rate, in combination with a hay diet, depending upon the age of the steers and the quality of the hay being fed. Brown's B-Booster 1440 contains minerals, vitamins, and Bovatec® and may be mixed with grains, added to a total mixed ration, or top dressed over forages. Our most popular steer supplement, Brown's 60 Steer Supplement-B250 is 60% crude protein, contains Bovatec®, and enables cattle to maintain average daily gains on less feed.


What is Bovatec®?

Bovatec® is a medicated premix that contains the active ingredient, Lasalocid sodium. This ingredient functions as a regulator of ruminant microbial fermentations. Bovatec® is primarily used to improve feed efficency (over 8% improvements observed) and for increased rate of weight gain (5% higher than cattle without Bovatec®) and does not have a withdrawal period. In addition, Bovatec® controls both subclinical and clinical forms of coccidiosis. Bovatec® can be introduced to the diet immediately and does not require a step up program.

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