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Brown's 2019  March Dairy Meeting

East Earl, Pennsylvania - We held our annual March Dairy Meeting at Shady Maple Smorgasbord on March 7th, 2019,  The three speakers of the day were Brianna Bond, M.S., PAS who is the head nutritionist here at Brown's Feeds, Dr. Clay Zimmerman, Ph.D., PAS who is the Global Ruminant Protein Business Manager for Balchem Corporation, and Dr. Michel Baldin, Ph.D., an animal nutritionist at Provimi North America.  The day started off with Brianna Bond and her topic of "Optimizing Use of Poor Quality Forages in Milk Cow/Heifer Diets".  She talked about the effects that forage quality can have on intake and performance.  Brianna talked about options for feeding challenging forages such as adjusting ratios of forages being fed, feeding more corn silage if supplies allow, and feeding supplemental fat.  Dr. Clay Zimmerman was the 2nd speaker of the day with his talk on "Managing Pre-Fresh and Post-Fresh Diets for Optimum Performance During Lactation".  He started his talk off with talking about how facilities, cow management, and good forages and feed management are key to a successful transition period.  Dr. Clay Zimmerman told those in attendance that the transition period is not the place to skimp on feed costs and said "the transition period is the most stressful point of the lactation cycle".  Dr. Michel Baldin wrapped things up at the end of the day with his presentation on "Maximizing Milk Solids During Lactation".  He talked about how important it is to take care of the rumen by first starting off with adequate effective fiber in rations.  He said "take care of the rumen and milk and milk components will come!".  Dr. Michel Baldin also talked about how feeding palmitic fats and rumen-protected amino acids can help but you should not buy your milk solids.  It was a great day of learning and fellowship at Shady Maple for Brown's annual meeting

Speakers (L to R): Dr. Clay Zimmerman, Ph.D., PAS, Brianna Bond, M.S., PAS, and Dr. Michel Baldin, Ph.D.

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